Features :

  • Accurate SNP genotyping
  • Gene scanning
  • CpG methylayion analysis
  • Efficient specific amplification from GC rich and AT rich sequences

High Resolution Melt (HRM) analysis is a powerful technique for the analysis of mutations, polymorphisms and epigenetic differences in double-stranded DNA samples.

qPCRBIO HRM Mix uses the novel SyGreen 2 intercalating dye. SyGreen 2 does not inhibit PCR and is a saturating, 3rd generation dye essential for accurate SNP genotyping. Unlike first generation dyes, SyGreen 2 can be used at high concentrations and does not have a different affinity for AT or GC rich sequences.

Combining the latest advancements in polymerase technology and advanced buffer chemistry we offer market leading performance with minimal or no optimisation. qPCRBIO HRM Mix delivers accurate genotyping, even on a class IV SNP.

Many modern real-time PCR instruments have a fast cycling mode. The same developments that improve the sensitivity and consistency of qPCRBIO HRM Mix in standard cycling conditions also allow for industry leading performance in fast and ultra fast cycling conditions.

Cat Number Product Name Size
PB20.31-20 qPCRBIO HRM Mix 2000 reactions
PB20.31-05 qPCRBIO HRM Mix 500 reactions
PB20.31-01 qPCRBIO HRM Mix 100 reactions

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