The Microplate Reader Company - Latest Innovations in Microplate Multi Mode Reader Technology

By characterizing molecular and cellular mechanisms in physiologically relevant micro-environments, Fluxion helps bridge the translational medicine gap by bringing research data closer to patients.

HTRF assays and reagents that optimize Drug Discovery Research

PCR Biosystems offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technology.

Arbor Assays offers highest quality detection immunoassay and enzyme activity products for clinically important biomolecules focusing both pharmaceutical and clinical scientists.

Leading Molecular Diagnostics company offering easy-to-use Molecular Systems (qPCR)

Medium and High Resolution HLA Typing kits for Transplantation

Innovation Italian company offering > 140 complete Molecular kits for Human, Veterinary and Food Diagnostics

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Solutions

Offers a variety of easy-to-use in vitro diagnostic kits for detection of genetic mutations, deletions and methylation status as well as genetic predispositions

Leading supplier for spectroscopy instruments for the non-destructive analysis of ultra low volume samples focusing on biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical laboratories in industry and research.

Invivoscribe provides a comprehensive selection of PCR-based gene rearrangement, chromosome translocation, and gene mutation testing reagents and controls addressing world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical centers, cancer research centers, reference laboratories and molecular testing centers.

DNA Size Selection for Next-Gen Sequencing

In-Situ Electroporation system offering superior transfection and can be used for any adherent cell type.

LAMP (Isothermal Amplifciation) provides a simple, rapid, specific and cost effective genetic test method for detecting known genes

Thermal Cycler (PCR) and qPCR systems for Life Sciences research

IntelliCyt Corporation develops innovative, high-throughput, high-content cell and bead-based screening solutions for use in phenotypic drug discovery, antibody discovery and in vitro toxicity testing

Gel Documentation system

2 plate, 4 plates Elisa processor

Cell counter for Research purposes

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