IsoFlux System for Circulating Tumor Cell Analysis

The IsoFlux System enables molecular analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and other rare cell types. Using Fluxion’s proven microfluidic technology, the platform recovers CTCs from biological samples with the highest level of sample integrity. The recovered cells move immediately to downstream molecular analysis including mutation detection, next-generation sequencing, and gene expression.

BMG introduces High Performance Microplate Reader CLARIOstar

With CLARIOstar Anything is possible. Any Wavelength, Any BandWidth. Any Assay. CLARIOstar is an High Performance Microplate Reader with Advanced Monochromators, Spectrometers and Filters.

HPV Line Probe Assay

Biotron now offers a PCR combined with Reverse Blot Hybridization detection a most comprehensive assay available as yet for HPV. The REBA HPV-ID detects 18 High Risk species, 1 species of medium-risk and 13 species of low risk group at once and can be used for all types of solid and liquid based specimen.

MagDEA Manufacturing

Biotron Healthcare commenced manufacturing at Navi Mumbai facility, Magnetic Bead based Nucleic extraction kits. Kits are available for Whole Blood and Common Type Genomic DNA Extraction, Viral DNA/RNA extraction and tRNA extraction. More applications are also being developed.

Chikungunya LAMP Assay

A New RT-LAMP based (Isothermal Amplification) manufactured under technology transfer agreement with DRDO to be launched in June.

New HTRF assays introduced

CISBIO introduces new range of HTRF assays for GLP-1 (Diabetes target investigation), Epigenetic (Screening Histone Modifications) & Cellular Kinase (Phospho – S6RP & Total AKT)

Multiplex qPCR panels available

Biotron offers a range of Mutiplex panels based on qPCR (Real Time PCR Detection) for Respiratory Pathogens, Hospital Acquired Infections, Bacterial & Bacterial Resistances.

Olerup Sequence Based tests for High Resolution HLA Typing

Biotron offers Olerup Sequence Based High Resolution HLA Typing kits for HLA-A and -B Exons 1-4, HLA-C Exons 1-7, DRB1 exon 2+3, DQB1 exon 2+3, DPB1 exon 2, B57, DRB3,4,5, DRB1 GSA coming soon.

Agility 12 Plate ELISA PROCESSOR now available

DYNEX Agility™ redefines ELISA with ingenious design, total automation, and a revolutionary approach to reagent loading that boosts productivity and minimizes hands-on time like never before. For true walkaway freedom, nothing beats Agility™ the new 12 Plate ELISA processor.

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