iQue Screener Station

The new iQue™ Screener is the next revolution in screening cells and beads in solution, integrating IntelliCyt's technology into a bench top system ideal for the screening environment. Researchers can now evaluate compound effects on non-adherent cell lines, primary immune system cells and molecular interactions using cell or bead-based assays. The iQue Screener's automation-friendly features ensure extended walk-away time. It's part of our platform that includes ForeCyt™ screening software, iDM® informatics software and MultiCyt™Assay Kits.

The iQue features a protected plate-processing environment to reduce assay variability and avoid contamination. The high-precision XYZ mechanism enables low-volume aspiration of samples from 96 and 384 well plates - and 1536 in the future.

Microplates are automatically delivered outside the protected enclosure for easy access by robotic systems. Microplates need not be delivered with high precision: a gripping mechanism registers the plate in the proper position as it is loaded into the instrument.


ForeCyt 3.0 Software includes a new assay development environment with live updating and interactive feedback. It includes enhanced gating and user derived results (normalization, ratios). The new scan feature compares well populations across a plate.

ForeCyt 3.0 now includes IC50/EC50 curve generation, visualization, and editing as well as improved annotation.

ForeCyt 3.0's report generator produces professional documents in .pdf format.

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