A Complete Phenotypic Screening Solution

There's growing evidence that phenotypic screening can increase productivity in drug discovery. New technologies, notably high content methods that make multiplexed, multi-parameter measurements on single cells, have revolutionized phenotypic screening. Used in conjunction with target-based screening, a more holistic view of drug discovery that integrates genetic, biochemical pathway and functional information into a systems view of disease and how to modulate it is possible.

Phenotypic Screening of Cells in Suspension

IntelliCyt's systems are designed for seamless integration into your microplate-based screening environment. The IntelliCyt iQue™ Screener provides information-rich data on a cell-by-cell basis. By screening thousands of cells per second and dozens of wells per minute, iQue provides the speed needed for secondary and focused primary screening. The iQue screens cells- and beads in solution, but uses a fraction of the cells needed by the traditional solution-based technology: flow cytometry. ForeCyt™ software provides microplate-centric rather than sample-centric instrument control and real-time data analysis. Screen-ready templates are pre-configured to deliver consistent and reliable graphs and metrics and are easily customized. IntelliCyt Data Manager (iDM®) is a server-based version of the ForeCyt software that enables data sharing for multiple instruments and collaboration among multiple researchers. Since cells are read individually, subpopulations are clearly identified and cellular artifacts are rejected to produce more robust and reliable data. With iQue, sampled volumes are as little as one microliter. Modest sample requirements mean you can utilize primary or stem cells. The iQue also allows you to detect small populations that imaging platforms cannot detect reliably. Because you can rapidly screen thousands of individual cells per second, you can detect effects on populations at levels even below 1%.

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