8G Compact Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Product description

SX-8G Compact is a multi-purpose (open-platform), high-throughput, adapted to various reactions with magnetic particles, using 8 nozzles with magnetic particle separation unit (Powered by Magtration® Technology.) It can create and modify own protocol by the use of dedicated software "P-SUITE". Users can operate easily the instrument by the built-in touch screen with GUI. The risk of cross contamination and carry-over are eliminated by the usage of single use disposables. Furthermore, stage layout can be modified to fit customer needs (Tip rack, Reagent container and MTP position can be modified.)


  • High-throughput processing by 8-nozzles (max. 48 samples per batch)
  • High-efficiency of Magnetic Particle capture by Magtration® Technology
  • Corresponding to a commercial 96-well MTP (microtiter plate)
  • Corresponding to a commercial magnetic particle
  • It can create and modify own protocol by the use of dedicated software "P-SUITE". (※Need an external PC)
  • Configuration of Reaction Methods/ Protocols
  • Configuration of the reaction temperature, Mixing condition and Incubation temperature and time.
  • Magnetic separation condition
Instrument Type Bench top
Dimension W800×D738×H661mm
Weight Approximately 100kg
Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz 440VA
Throughput Sample number 1-96 sample/batch
Depends on application
Temperature Control Heat/Cool unit 4-95℃
Handling Volume 5-200μl
System Control Select an application from the touch screen mounted on the instrument
Or, control by external PC with "P-SUITE" software
Application Reagents and/or Sample pipetting. Various methods using Magnetic particles

Ordering Information

Product Name Product Code Package
SX-8G Compact A1020 1 set


Product Name Product Code Package Remark
DN70 Tip with Filter F4401 1000 pcs Bulk Type
DN70 Tip Pre-packed with Filter F4403 96 pcs×10 96-Tip Box Type
Reagent Container M F1102 10 pcs Reagent Container M size (up to 15ml)
Reagent Container L F4405 20 pcs Reagent Container L size (up to 45ml)

To learn more about the Magtration 8G Compact Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System, please contact our application support team at or Toll Free number 18002670607

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