6GC Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Product description

Magtration® System 6GC is a fully automated nucleic acid extraction instrument with a mechanism of separating magnetic beads by Magtration® technology. Although it is a compact bench top system, the simultaneously processing up to 6 samples is possible. IC cards control the optimized protocols and give the 6GC system a small foot print. Easy operation needs only three steps to start, insert IC card, load pre-filled reagents and samples, and press run. The risk of cross contamination is eliminated by the usage of pre-filled reagents and single use disposables. This extremely robust instrument allows the isolation of nucleic acid within a short period of time with a true walk away technology.


  • A fully automated nucleic acid extraction by Magtration® technology
  • Small bench top system
  • High through put processing of 6 samples
  • Easy operation by use of pre-filled reagents for each application
  • Adapt various applications by the usage of the IC card and the reagents cartridge


Instrument Type Bench top
Dimension W320×D500×H535mm
Weight Approximately 26kg
Power AC100/240V 50/60Hz 300VA
Throughput Sample number 1-6 samples/batch, Process time 30 min~/1-6 samples
*Depends on application.
Temperature Control Heating block; room temp. ±5°°C
Handling Volume 25-1000ul
Pipetting Accuracy 25ul ±10%, 50ul ±5%, 100ul~ ±3%
*Using DN100N tip with DW at room temp (20-25°C)
Protocol IC Card

Ordering Information

Product Name Product Code Package
Magtration® System 6GC A1002 1set

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