NitroStore BioBank™

-80°C to °C, Automated Sample Storage, Management, & Retrieval Systems

Biobanks hold out the prospect of significant breakthroughs in medical and pharmaceutical research. Material's biobanking systems securely store biospecimens and document sample access. Designed for long term care of biological materials, including human biospecimens, animal biospecimens, cell cultures, bacterial cultures, and even environmental samples.

Matrical biobanking systems ensure your sample is reliably maintained to prevent deterioration over time and protected from physical damage, both accidental and intentional. Featuring Vitesse™ software, each sample is registered upon entering and exiting the biobanking system. The location of each sample is noted in Vitesse's sample repository database and can even integrated with your pre-existing database, allowing rapid location of specimens.


  • Conservation of genetic resources
  • Sustainable access to genetic resources
  • Management system for archival collections
  • Advancement of scientific knowledge
  • Biodiscovery
  • Biosecurity

Temperature Range

Matrical biobanking storage systems are available in range of temperatures, from -80°C to low as °C.

Sample Integrity

Systems with chilled robotics processing areas reduce chances of sample deterioration associated with repeated freeze thaw cycles. Sample cherry picking allows access to individual tubes and plates, leaving the unused biospecimens secured in the system.

Sample Loading & Retrieval

Matrical biobanking/biorepository automated storage systems are versatile, store and/or retrieve a single sample, multiple samples, a mixture of samples, or a rack of samples.

Storage Media Flexibility

All Matrical storage systems allow multiple media types (tubes, plates, and vials) to be stored simultaneously in a single system.


The NitroStore automated biobanking system is designed for expansion both horizontally and vertically to ensure maximum space utilization and sample capacity in pre- existing laboratory space.Storage modules can be added after system installation. Additional sample container types (tubes, vials, microplates, bottles, etc.) can be integrated by adding the required tray inserts and associated robotic smart-tools. Adding additional media to the system does not require system expansion. The system shown is 3 meters high with 1 ULT module. The dash lines represent potential expansion of an additional 3 meters and 9 ULT modules. The overall system is maintained at -20°C, while each ULT module can be individually temperature controlled from -20°C to -160°C.

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