NEPHELOstar Plus

Microplate Nephelometer

The NEPHELOstar Plus microplate nephelometer detects insoluble particles in liquid samples by measuring forward scattered light. It uses a laser beam that is directed through the solution and it can detect the scattered light at angles of up to 80 degrees. The NEPHELOstar Plus can be up to thirty times more sensitive than traditional transmission readers that measure the reduction in direct light passing through a sample well via optical density.


  • Laser Based Measurement. The intensity and beam diameter of the laser light can be adjusted in the easy to use software, and this allows measurement of light scatter in colored or turbid solutions.
  • Flexible beam diameter allows measurement in 6 - 384-well microplate format.
  • Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 45°C.
  • BMG LABTECH´s Digital Photon Integration (DPI) technology and a detection angle of 80°, ensure that the NEPHELOstar Plus nephelometer is approximately thirty times more sensitive than conventional transmission readers.
  • Meets high-throughput demands
  • Highest possible sensitivity and flexibility.

The measurement of turbidity, which is the haziness or cloudiness of a fluid that sometimes cannot been seen by the naked eye, can be used to determine the amount of insoluble particles in a solution.


  • drug compound solubility,
  • bacterial or fungal growth studies,
  • immunoprecipitations,
  • protein aggregation,
  • antibody-antigen interaction, and
  • polymerization monitoring.

Stacker and Robot Compatibility

The NEPHELOstar Plus can be incorporated into a wide array of robotic systems via ActiveX or DDE interface. For rapid mid-throughput plate handling, BMG LABTECH offers the 50 plate Stacker with an integrated barcode reader.

Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) Regulates CO2 and O2

A new accessory to the NEPHELOstar Plus is the Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU). This accessory is perfect for cell growth assays where the atmospheric gases, CO2 and O2, need to be regulated. In addition to optimizing cellular growth conditions, biological conditions such as hypoxia can be induced to see what effect there is on cell growth.

MARS Software Package

The NEPHELOstar Plus comes with BMG LABTECH's established Reader Control Software and comprehensive Data Analysis Software, MARS. The highly intuitive software provides limitless possibilities for test set up where it is needed, but also offers a "Quick-Start" mode for running routine analysis with just 3 mouse clicks. In MARS, a Wizard guides the user through the entire data analyzing process. Additionally, a Template Manager can be used for building complex data processing protocols. Improved robotic integration capabilities complete this software package.

To learn more about the BMG's NEPHELOstar Plus Microplate Nephelometer for Drug Solubility, Protein Aggregation and related applications , please contact our application support team at or Toll Free number 18002670607

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