MultiCyt Reagent Kits

IntelliCyt offers a suite of reagent kits that, when used in combination with our instruments and software, provide a complete screening solution for cell and bead based assays. Our reagent kits facilitate applications in phenotypic drug discovery, antibody screening and discovery, in vitro toxicology and cell health.

IntelliCyt's screening kits are validated and optimized for running in 384 well plates on IntelliCyt Screening Systems. The kits are optimized for low-well volumes and provide streamlined workflow. Each kit comes with all required reagents including sample buffers and assay controls. Contents from one 384 well kit can be used to run two 96-well plates. IntelliCyt's reagent kits enable multiplex capability and are validated for low variability well-to-well, plate-to-plate and day-to-day. We also offer reagent building blocks that can be combined with your current reagents to create custom multiplexed screening assays.

New "No Wash" MultiCyt 4-Plex Apoptosis Screening Kit

The MultiCyt Apoptosis Screening Kit is a mix and read screening assay using a unique combination of reagents that allow simultaneous screening of five different apoptosis endpoints per well: cell viability, Caspase 3/7 activity, Annexin V binding, mitochondrial membrane integrity, and cell count. Testing multiple endpoints in each well not only enables you to derive mechanistic information, but also provides confidence that screens will detect changes all along the apoptotic cascade.

New "No Wash" MultiCyt Cell Cycle Screening Kit

The MultiCyt Cell Cycle Screening Kit is a mix and read solution for performing high throughput screens for modulators of the cell cycle. The kit contains a unique DNA intercalating dye that enables profiling of the G0/G1, S and G2/M phases of the cell cycle without the need for cell fixation, permeabilization, RNase treatment or washing. The MultiCyt Cell Cycle Screening Kit, combined with the IntelliCyt screening systems, provides a complete homogeneous assay solution for high throughput screening - a solution that unites gold-standard cell cycle analysis with cutting-edge sample throughput.

MicroFlow In Vitro-384: Micronucleus Induction Assay Kit

The Micronucleus Induction Assay Kit lets you perform multiplexed screening assays to simultaneously quantify the number of normal nuclei, micronuclei, hypodiploid nuclei and cell survival rate. Combined with the automated analysis capabilities of IntelliCyt's instruments, this high-throughput micronucleus induction assay enables the inclusion of genotoxicity testing earlier in the discovery process, providing more choices for compounds as they are screened and profiled.

Mouse Hybridoma Selection Assay Development Kit

The Mouse Hybridoma Selection Assay Development Kit lets you develop multiplexed screening assays for antibodies that bind to target antigens on the surface of cells. The kit contains a cell encoder dye that enables encoding of two different target cell lines, which can be combined in the same well. Also included in the kit is a fluorescently labeled anti-mouse IgG detection reagent that, when combined with the encoder dye, can be used to build powerful, multiplexed assays for screening your mouse hybridoma libraries.

Human IgG Cell Line Generation Screening Kit

The Cell Line Generation Screening Kit is a unique combination of reagents for screening of human IgG expression libraries. The kit contains all components needed to simultaneously detect the amount of human IgG secreted on a per-cell basis. Beads are used to capture and quantify IgG produced by candidate production cell clones and simultaneously provide the cell number and cell viability percentages in each well of your screening plates. This kit can significantly improve cell line generation workflow and improve your chances of success in finding cell lines that secrete high levels of human IgG.

FL4 Cell Encoder Kit

The Cell Encoder Kit enables the development of cell-based screening assays where up to four different cell populations can be combined and simultaneously tested in each well. The kit includes IntelliCyt's encoder dye that is detected via a single fluorescence channel. Three concentrations of the dye are included, enabling null, dim, mid, and bright encoding of cell populations in your screening plates.

IntelliCyt Screening Kits are formulated using reagent volumes optimized for 384 well plate use. Protocols for 96 well plate use are available. For use in 96 well plates, supplied reagents for 1 x 384 wells are adequate for 2 x 96 wells due to minimum volume requirements of 96 well plates.

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