Sa Cycler - 96

SmartCycler System

Real Time PCR, Cepheid, USA

Prep. Amplify. Detect.

Up to 96 independently programmable reaction sites delivers maximum flexibility. Up to 96 different cycling protocols can be performed simultaneously in one system. Multiple experimental runs can be started at different times, allowing several operators to use the system concurrently.


Rapid, precise heating and cooling of the reaction mixture to target temperatures significantly reduces cycling protocol times. The SmartCycler®System's combined fast thermal ramp rates and real-time detection greatly reduce the total time required to carry out an experiment. Additionally, the ability to perform multiple cycling protocols simultaneously, and to detect multiple targets in a single run, increases lab productivity.


The modular nature of the SmartCycler System gives laboratories a great deal of flexibility to meet varying workload demands. System capacity can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded in multiples of 16 module units.

I-CORE Module

The SmartCycler® System At the heart of the SmartCyclerSystem is the I-CORE® module—a reliable, solid-state optical system with no moving parts. Each of thestandard 16 I-CORE® modules(expandable to 96) requires no warm-up time, no routinemaintenance,and no normalization dye.

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