LUNA FL, Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter

One instrument, two cell counters

Key Features

  • Dual fluorescence optics for the sensitive cell analysis
  • Trypan blue stained cell counting with bright field optics
  • Unmatched cell counting accuracy
  • Optimized for primary cells, stem cells, PBMC, splenocytes, etc.
  • Most affordable counting cost
  • Cell size gating
  • Interactive graphic user interface

Dual Fluorescence Cell Counting

The Luna-FL™ automated cell counter from Logos Biosystems is a quantum leap for automated cell counting and cell viability analysis. The Luna-FL™ automated cell counter gives you the sensitive and accurate live/dead cell counting results without limitation of sample types.

Unlike immortalized cell lines, primary cells such as PBMC, splenocytes, neutrophiles, and stem cells have been difficult to be counted with the conventional cell counters such as Coulter counter or image-based automated cell counters utilizing bright field optics. Primary cells are often contaminated with the undesirable debris which can be mis-recognized as cells with the conventional cell counters. Luna-FL™ is integrated with the dual fluorescence microscope optics to overcome this problem. Live/dead cells are stained with the green/red fluorescence dye, and the fluorescence labeled cell images are analyzed with the accurate image analysis software.

Bright Field Microscopy Optics for Trypan Blue Cell Counting

Luna-FL™ inherited the proven performance of the Luna™ automated cell counter. The precision bright field microscopy optics of the Luna™ is integrated in the Luna-FL™ to provide the convenient features of trypan blue stained cell counting. Powerful and accurate cell counting algorithm of the Luna™ is still available with the Luna-FL™.

Interactive Software Interface

  • Powerful on-board analysis
    after you performed the cell counting;you can immediately monitor which cells are counted as live or dead on the Luna-FL™ cell counter screen. Green and red circles indicate each live and dead cells.
  • Cell size gating
    Counted cells can be gated based on the cell size information. Using the histogram that displays live and dead cell population, you can easily exclude or include the particles by simple dragging.
  • Image overlay
    The analyzed images from each channel (bright field, green, and red channel) can be easily merged directly on the screen. The brightness of each color can be adjusted for the accurate monitoring. Those images can be saved to the USB drive for your future needs.
  • Data report
    The analyzed data can be easily saved as a PDF report or .CSV file. Cell counting results, cell image data, and a various types of histograms are integrated into a single PDF file and transferred via a USB drive.

Minimal Running Cost

Automated cell counters utilize disposable counting slide to eliminate washing steps of manual cell counting with glass hemocytometer. Logos Biosystems has developed innovative T-Bond technology (patented) to manufacture the precision cell counting slides more efficiently. The unit price of slide is almost half of the other brands, saving cost for heavy users.


Sample Volume 10µl
Cell counting time 30 sec
Cell concentration range 5×104 - 1×107 cells/ml
Cell size range Detectable range: 1-90µm|
Optimal range : 5-60µm
Excitation wavelength 470±20 nm
Emission wavelength 525±25nm, 600nm (lp)
Light source  
BF Green LED
Image resolution 5 MP
LCD Display 7 inch (800 × 480 pixels)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 22×21×9 cm (8.6×8.3×3.5 inch)
Weight 1.8 kg (4lb) *without the external power adaptor

Cell Lines Validated
On the Luna-FL™ Automated Cell Counter

Cell Type Vendor Cat. No. Animal Organ
PBMC Primary Cell   Mouse Blood
Splenocyte Primary Cell   Mouse Spleen
Thymocyte Primary Cell   Mouse Thymus
HEK-293 ATCC CRL-1573 Human Kidney
A431 ATCC CRL-2592 Human Skin
CHO-M1WT2 ATCC CRL-1984 Chinese Hamster Ovary
CHSE ATCC CRL-1681 Chinook Salmon Embryo
COLO-205 ATCC CCL-243 Human Colon
COS-7 ATCC CRK-1651 African Monkey Kidney
HeLa ATCC CCL-2 Human Cervix
HepG2 ATCC CRL-10741 Human Liver
HL-60 ATCC CCL-240 Human Blood
J774A.1 ATCC TIB-67 Mouse Blood
Jurkat ATCC TIB-152 Human Blood
MCF7 ATCC HTB-22 Human Breast
|MRC-5 ATCC CCL-171 Human Lung
NIH/3T3 ATCC CRL-1658 Mouse Embryo

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