HTRF Products


Cisbio Bioassays has supported GPCR investigation for many years regularly creating cutting edge assays and technologies suited to receptor characterization, compound screening and lead optimization.

  • Homogeneous and non-radioactive ligand binding assays with Tag-lite® technology.
  • Unique and comprehensive GPCR second messenger assay platforms with cAMP and IP-One accumulation assays.
  • Downstream phenotypic assays.

Kinases & cell signaling

A comprehensive platform of kinase assays

  • HTRF Transcreener ADP
  • HTRF Transcreener ADP
  • Cellular kinase assays


Validated toolbox antibodies and assays for high specificity screening of histone modifications

  • Epigenetic toolbox reagents
  • Human SIRT1 assay
  • Ubiquitin assay toolbox


A line of ready-to-use kits for addressing biomarkers

  • Homogeneous assay format with no washing steps


All the reagents you need to build your own assay

  • Anti-tag and anti-speciesreagents
  • Streptavidin conjugates
  • Labeling reagents and labeling kits


Assays for biologics. Screening, mode-of-action study, and production monitoring

  • Antibody screening on biochemical targets
  • Antibody screening on cell surface targets
  • Functional assays
  • Antibody quantification

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