High throughput automated patch clamp system (Electrophysiology)

IonFlux is the first automated patch clam system which offers simplicity, affordability and throughput in a single instrument.System delivers a high throughputsolution for ion channel drug discovery and research.

IonFlux comes in two configurations to meet the widest variety of application needs

  • The IonFlux HT, featuring 64independent amplifier channels, is designed for high throughput screening of ion channel targets.
  • The IonFlux 16 is ideally suited for ion channel research and assay development. Both systems offer cell ensemble recording to improve reliability and variability.

Principles of Operation:

IonFlux utilizes the innovative Well Plate Microfluidic™ technology to embed micron-scale fluidic channels on the bottom of an SBS-standard well plate. This approach offers the convenience of using well plates with existing laboratory equipment. At the same time, it provides a high degree offunctionality and flexibility for running ion channel investigations.

  • Cells and compounds are added to the well plate.Each IonFlux Plate contains an array of experimental patterns. Each experimental pattern comprises 12 wells: 8 for compounds, 2 for cell trapping, and 2 for cell inlet and outlet. Cells are loaded in the inlet well, buffer is loaded into the trapping wells, and 8 uniquecompounds or concentrations series are loaded into the remaining wells of the experimental pattern.
  • Cells are trapped in an ensemble array.Cells are pushed through the main flow channel using pressure from the instrument. Anensemble of 20 cells is trapped in small channels which resemble patch pipettes. There are two ensembles of 20 cells per experimental pattern each of which gets exposed to the same group of 8 compounds. This provides 8 data points in duplicate for enhanced data fidelity.
  • Current is recorded from each ensemble.Electrodes from the instrument are placed in fluidic contact with each 20 cell ensemble. Current is measured from the group of 20 cells using a discrete patch clamp amplifier. This approach produces high success rates since the recording averages the current across all 20 cells.Compounds can be applied across the cells with full washout in between .The system uses continuous recording to facilitate recording from fast-acting ion channels.

IonFlux HT System

  • Highest throughput system available
  • Lowest cost per data point
  • Compatible with lab automation hardware
  • Space saving footprint

The IonFlux HT System is the highestthroughput automated patch clamp systemavailable today. It has 64 patch clamp amplifierswhich run in parallel to produce up to 8000 data points per day. Typical applications includedrug screening, pharmacology, and cardiacsafety profiling (hERG).

IonFlux 16 System

  • Ideal for ion channel research and assay development applications.
  • Automated patch performance for the cost of a manual patch clamp rig.
  • No patch clamp expertise required

The IonFlux 16 System is the world's firstmutli-channel automated patch clamp systemdesigned for the individual research lab. It has16 patch clamp amplifiers which run in parallel.Typical applications include functional expressionof ion channels, mutant screening, anddrug profiling.

Benefits of Pippin vs. Manual Gel Purification

  • Minutes of hands on time, saves time and effort
  • No cross — contamination
  • No UV nicking of DNA
  • No purification of LMW artifacts or unligated adaptors
  • Higher sample recovery
  • More accurate and reproducible
System Performance IonFlux HT System IonFlux 16 System
Daily throughput 8000 data points 2000 data points
Number of simultaneous amplifier channels 64 16
Cell recording configuration Ensemble recording Ensemble recording
Compound application time <100ms <100ms
Plate format    
Plate type 384-well, SBS format 96-well, SBS format
Total data points per plate 512 128
Unique compounds/concentrations per plate 256 64
Number of experimental patterns per plate 32 8

IonFlux Plate Configurations:

IonFlux Plates are consumable devices featuring Well Plate Microfluidic™ technology. There are different plate designs toaccommodate a wide range of ion channel applications. They are integrated into SBS-standard well plate formats forconvenience and compatibility with automated liquid handling instrumentation.

Experimental Patterns

IonFlux microfluidic well plates contain an array of experimental patterns. Each pattern consists of 12 wells that are usedto carry out an ion channel experiment. The wells are all connected to each other through microfluidic channels which rununderneath the well plate. Within a pattern, two of the wells are used to control the cell trapping process, and two wellsare used as an input and output for the cells. The remaining eight wells receive a unique compound or concentrationseries. All eight compounds can be applied to the ensemble of cells trapped in a particular experimental pattern.

IonFlux 16 Plates each contain 8 experimental patterns on a 96-well plate format, whereas IonFlux HT plates eachcontain 32 experimental patterns on a 384-well plate format.

Key applications in drug discovery and research

  • Ligand-gated ion channels
  • GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid ) receptor agonist screen
  • NMDA (N-Methyl-d-aspartate) receptor screens
  • Nicotine reptor studies
  • P2X purinergicrecptor pharmacology.
  • Voltage-gated ion channels
  • Compound efficacy screening
  • Compound profiling (IC50 determination)
  • Mutant screening
  • Mechanism of action studies
  • Sodium (Nav) and potassium (Kv) channels
  • hERG toxicology and safety screening
  • hERG safety profiling (IC50 studies)
  • Compound screening for hERG liability
  • hERG studies at physiological temperatures
  • Temperature dependent effects
  • Safety pharmacology
  • Sodium channel kinetics (NaV 1.1 - 1.8)
  • Potassium channel kinetics (Kv1.1 - 11.1)
  • Membrane porator activity

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