Companion Diagnostics

About Companion Diagnostics

Companion diagnostics are an emerging and exciting field in the care of oncology patients. These tests accompany diagnostic investigations in cancer patients and determine whether specific drugs should, or should not, be administered. Hence they aid in treatment decision making.

The history of such tests can be traced back to the estrogen receptor in breast cancer: patients with this disease benefit from antiestrogen treatment if their tumors express the receptor. In addition, patients with breast cancer receive trastuzumab if their tumors express HER2, a transmembrane receptor of the HER family. Testing for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) somatic mutations for the appropriate administration of tyrosine kinase inhibitors is just the beginning. Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) fusion protein detection and molecular histology classification are promising candidate predictors for clinical benefit from crizotinib and pemetrexed, respectively.

A companion diagnostic test should be highly reproducible and accurate, as well as rigorously standardized and validated before, it is widely recommended for clinical application.

Biotron Healthcare offers solutions for the above.... Offering a system (IsoFlux) for Automated isolation of rare cells (or circulating tumor cells) and downstream analysis Molecular tests (DNA/RNA Assays).

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