The next generation of circulating tumor cell analysis is here

The IsoFlux System enriches intact rare cells from biological samples and prepares them for further analysis. It gives you immediate access to high quality, viable cells in a high-density format, ready for use in the application of your choice.

Principle of Operation

The CellSpotTM Advantage

The IsoFlux System uses proprietary CellSpot Technology to deliver enriched cells in a format ideal for next generation molecular applications. CellSpot increases the purity, integrity, and yield of isolated cells, while also making them easy to access for use in downstream applications.


Sample Loading

A biological sample is prepared with magneticparticles. The sample is loaded into the inlet ofthe IsoFlux microfluidic cartridge. Up to 4 cartridgescan be loaded into the instrument at onetime.The CellSpot Cap is loaded into the cartridgethat has a special disk on the bottom that formsthe roof of the microfluidic channel.

Cell Enrichment

Once inside the instrument, the sample flowsthrough the microfluidic channel and reachesan isolation zone. This expanded cavity causesthe cells to slow down as they pass throughan external magnetic field. Labeled cells getpulled upwards against the force of gravity, thenwashed, resulting in a high-integrity, high purityseparation.

Cell Retrieval

After the enrichment, the CellSpot Cap is picked up inside the instrument and placed on a microfuge tube. This tube is picked up and invertedto resuspend the cells in the elution buffer. Theenriched cells are now ready for further analysis.


  • Access a Wide Range of Samples - Process multiple starting sample types including Whole blood, fractionated blood, dissociated tissue, and cell cultures.
  • Use Your Own Capture Criteria - Capture cells using single or multiple capture antibodies.Use pre-validated or user-defined kits.
  • Capture Intact, Pure Cells - Recover target cells with high yield and purity using minimal processing.
  • Minimize Sample Dilution - Gain immediate access to highly concentrated, low-volume samples ready for molecular and cell-based analysis.
  • Save Time - Increase your lab's productivity with the IsoFlux System. Requires minimal hands-on time and fits into standard laboratory workflows.
  • Save Space - Easily fit the IsoFlux system in your laboratory with its small, bench top footprint.

IsoFlux Applications

Delivering the highest quality samples into a diverse range of applications

The IsoFlux System enables a wide variety of applications across biomarker discovery, translational medicine,and clinical research. Each application benefits from the high quality samples produced by the platform: high target cell recovery, high viability, minimal background cells, and low elution volume.

IsoFlux samples move directly to downstream assays:

  • Mutational analysis - PCR, qPCR, sequencing
  • Genomic analysis - next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarrays
  • Cytogenetics - FISH
  • Gene expression - qPCR, RNA-ISH
  • Protein analysis - immunoassays, immunofluorescence microscopy
  • Enumeration - immunofluorescence microscopy, histolog

The IsoFlux System meets the needs of:

  • Clinical and life science researchers
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Diagnostic developers
  • CRO and service laboratories
  • Analytical platform developers (e.g. PCR, NGS, FISH)

IsoFlux isolates rare cells from several types of starting biological samples, including:

  • Peripheral whole blood
  • Apheresis collection (fresh or frozen)
  • Fine needle aspirates
  • Bone marrow aspirates
  • Tissue dissociations

Kits Available

  • IsoFlux Circulating Tumor Cell Enrichment Kit
  • IsoFlux Rare Cell Isolation kit
  • IsoFlux CTC enumeration Kit (DOWNSTREAM ANALYSIS KITS)

IsoFlux System

  • Benchtop Instrument for rare cell isolation
  • Runs up to four samples in parallel
  • Temperature controlled from 4-8 °C
  • 110-220V power supply
  • Touch screen operation

To learn more about the IsoFlux Rare Cell Isolation System, please contact our application support team at or Toll Free number 18002670607

1800 267 0607

+91-22-2528 1012

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