The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System


The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System is a fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis instrument for both sizing and quantifying nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). By using a sensitive intercalating dye coupled with a powerful LED light source, Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System obviates the need for fluorescent labeled primers and can be used to separate dsDNA fragments and RNA (mRNA and total RNA).

The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System is the most flexible system on the market today, with the greatest sensitivity, the highest separation resolution over a wide range, the widest dynamic range and the fastest separation times.


  • Short Run Times- As short as 15 min for <3,000 bp. Fast separation of 12 samples or an entire 96-well plate cycle.Get more done in less time.
  • High Sensitivity- Detection limits as low as 5 pg/µL without desalting, allows direct injection of PCR and digest samples.
  • High Separation Resolution- Resolve a wide range of DNA fragments and RNA. Achieve as low as 2 bpresolution.Custom gels can be developed.
  • Wide Dynamic Range- Covers 3 orders of magnitude. fragment concentration range.
  • Low Cost per Sample- Lower operational cost comparedto agarose/acrylamide gels and other analytical instruments.
  • User-Friendly Software- Automate data scoring. Calculate fragment size and concentration, display data in multiple formats,create and save customized scoring parameters, export and report results with ease.
  • Real Time Viewing of Data- See results as they are being generated, change conditions during a run if desired.


  • Maximum Sample Throughput: Array dependent, either 12 or 96 samples.
  • Maximum Unattended Sample Capacity: Up to 288 samples; unlimited with robotic arm.
  • Minimum Sample Volume: 20 µL of liquid for injection; as little as 1 µL of actual sample required.
  • Gel Sizing Ranges: 35-500 bp; 35-1,500 bp; 75-15,000 bp; 75 -20,000 bp.
  • Kits Available: NGS Fragment Analysis, Genomic DNA, Total RNA, mRNA and TILLiNG
  • Resolution: Gel dependent; to as low as 2 bp
  • Sizing Accuracy: Typically 5% or better
  • Detection Sensitivity: As low as 5 pg/µL; 100pg/µL smear
  • Light Source: 1,000 mW LED, 470 nm excitation wavelength
  • Detector: High sensitivity CCD; 500-600 nm emission wavelength
  • Software: Fragment Analyzer™ instrument control, PROSize™ data analysis
  • Data Export Format: Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet, binary output option


  • MicroSatellites / SSR
  • Genomic DNA
  • Total RNA / mRNA
  • NGS Fragment Analysis
  • Plasmid DNA
  • Large DNA fragments
  • Reverse Genetics TiLLING

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