High Performance Microplate Reader with Advanced LVF Monochromators, Spectrometer, and Filters

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  • Fluorescence Intensity
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence
  • FRET
  • Luminiscence
  • BRET
  • UV/VIS Absorbance
  • Alpha Technology

Anything is possible.

Any Wavelength. Any Bandwidth. Any Assay.

The CLARIOstar is a multimode microplate reader with Advanced LVF Monochromators, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast spectrometer. It is a modular microplate reader, having up to eight different detection modes, including: Fluorescence Intensity, FRET, Fluorescence Polarization, Luminescence, BRET, UV/Vis Absorbance, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, TR-FRET, and AlphaScreen® /AphaLISA®.

Features :

  • Full spectrum UV/Vis absorbance (220 to 1000 nm) with BMG LABTECH's proprietary ultra-fast spectrometer (<1 sec/well);
  • AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA® assays are performed with a high energy Laser;
  • kinetic and cell-based assays can be initiated with reagent injectors;
  • integrated fluorophore library makes it easier for assay development and set up.
  • Advanced LVF Monochromator& Filter Selector System.

Description of Technology

BMG's advanced monochromator system consists of two Linear Variable Filter (LVF) Monochromators& Filter Selectors, one for excitation and one for emission. In addition, a Linear Variable Dichroic Mirror (LVDM) slide is used to separate the excitation from the emission light. The LVF Monochromator consists of a Linear Variable Long Pass (LVLP) slide and a Linear Variable Short Pass (LVSP) slide. The LVLP forms the rising edge while the LVSP forms the falling edge of a bandpass filter. By moving the LVLP and the LVSP slides relative to each other, the system creates a filter with a distinct variable peak wavelength and bandwidth. The high transmission and the outstanding blocking of stray light give the CLARIOstar s monochromator system filter-like performance. In addition, the slides can hold fixed filters, polarizers, and fixed dichroic mirrors for special applications like FP, TR-FRET or Alpha Technology.

With the CLARIOstar, Anything is Possible - Any Wavelength, Any Bandwidth, Any Assay.

To learn more about the CLARIOstar Multi Mode Reader, please contact our application support team at or Toll Free number 18002670607

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