Automated Cell Counter- Luna™


Luma™ is a 2nd Generation Automated Cell Counter that accurately measures cell number and viability for various purposes. Incorporating many innovations introduced by Logos Biosystems, Luna™ provides you with an accurate, fast, easy and affordable cell counting experience. It accelerates your research work with most advanced technology.

Advanced Accuracy

Luna™ automated cell counter gives you the accurate live/dead cell counting results within 7 seconds. Based on the precision optical design and the new software algorithm, the cell counting accuracy is unsurpassed. Within a 5X104 ~ 1X107 cells/ml concentration range and 3 ~ 60 µm cell diameter, Luna™ software accurately detects live/dead cells, and discriminates cell debris. Individual cells in cell clusters are also successfully counted by Luna's new de-clustering algorithm.

Minimal Counting Cost

Automated cell counters utilize disposable counting slides to eliminate washing steps of manual cell counting with glass hemocytometer.Logos Biosystems has developed innovative T-Bond™ technology (patent-pending) to manufacture the precision cell counting slides more efficiently. The unit price of slide is almost half of the other brands, saving significant consumable costs for heavy users.

Interactive Software Interface

On-board monitoring of counted cells

After you perform the cell counting, you can immediately monitor which cells are counted as live or dead on the Luna™ cell counter screen. Green and red circles indicate each live and dead cell. You don't need additional PC software to check the counting result.

Re-analysis options

The cell counting result can be saved as a high resolution TIFF image file and/or PDF-format report file to the USB drive. Luna™ cell counter provides re-analysis options for the saved image file. Whenever you want to perform the re-counting, you can do it again and again with the saved cell images.

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