Complete Antibody Screening Solutions

Hundreds of monoclonal antibodies and related proteins are undergoing clinical study with a steady stream being approved every year for disease areas such as cancer and inflammation. Antibody screening to identify highly productive cell lines is critical to minimize costly scale-up and downstream processing steps. Cellular assays that support clone selection and early identification of high-expression cell lines can significantly increase the probability of success in downstream scale-up activities.

Primary hybridoma screening, through clone selection and antibody characterization

IntelliCyt's iQue™ Screener enables high throughput identification and characterization of antibodies from clonal libraries. The instrument, along with dedicated ForeCyt™ screening software and application-specific cellular assay kits, is designed for seamless integration into your microplate-based antibody screening environment. By screening thousands of cells per second and dozens of wells per minute, iQue provides the speed needed for rapid clonal selection. The ForeCyt screening software provides microplate-centric rather than sample-centric instrument control and real-time data analysis. Screen-ready templates are pre-configured to deliver common screening graphs and metrics and are easily customized. The server-based version of the ForeCyt software includes the IntelliCyt Data Manager (iDM®) which provides the convenience of multiple setup and analysis stations and a collaborative research environment for data sharing.

Hybridoma Screening

IntelliCyt developed the MultiCyt™ Hybridoma Screening Kit - a "mix-and-measure" intact cell assay for hybridoma screening that simultaneously assesses antigen binding and cross-reactivity. This assay reduces workflow steps and increases productivity. Additionally, as an alternative to ELISA primary screens, this High Capacity Flow cytometry approach reduces the potential for false negatives due to testing with denatured antigens.

Antibody Clone Selection

IntelliCyt's MultiCyt Count and Capture IgG Screening Kit reduces the steps in the cell line generation process and provides better information about productivity and cell health. This cellular assay combines two steps in the antibody screening process to save significant time and resources.

Antibody Characterization

In antibody discovery, clones that cross-react with the target antigen in multiple species are highly desirable. The IntelliCyt antibody screening solution provides the ability to test multiple cell lines simultaneously and accelerate the development process. IntelliCyt's MultiCyt Cell Encoder Kit permits testing of up to five cell lines per well enhancing clone selection for antibodies that are cross reactive to multiple species.

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